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People often overlook the importance of annual exams with their health care provider. Tajinderpal Singh, MD, of Northeast Medical, PC in Amherst and Cheektowaga, New York, urges you to schedule an annual exam to receive the screenings, medical management, and care you need to live the healthiest life possible. Use the online scheduler to make an appointment or call the office most convenient to you.

Annual Exams Q & A

Why is an annual exam so important?

The annual exam is the foundation of your health care. It gives you a chance to meet with your doctor when you aren’t having specific symptoms or suffering from an acute illness. During an annual exam, the doctor can focus on your overall wellness. 

At Northeast Medical, PC, you can get high quality preventive care to help avoid disease and keep you functioning at your best well into old age.

An annual exam allows your doctor to identify potential risk factors or conditions before they become serious health issues. Many chronic problems, including hypertension and Type 2 diabetes, have no outward symptoms in their early stages, when they’re most treatable.

Routine screenings at your annual exam can detect issues that could cause considerable damage in the future if not treated.

If you’re on Medicare Part B for longer than 12 months, you qualify for a yearly wellness visit with a qualified provider like Dr. Singh. This annual exam helps establish a personalized prevention plan to help you avoid disease and disability. 

What screenings are available at an annual exam?

In addition to a comprehensive physical exam and review of changes in your health history, the team gathers basic health measurements such as your weight, height, blood pressure, and temperature.

Your provider evaluates your lung and heart function. They also perform a quick skin check, abdominal exam, and review of your neurological system by checking reflexes and motor functions.

Your doctor may request lab tests as part of your annual exam. Usually, these involve blood tests, including cholesterol levels, blood sugar measurements, and metabolic panels. You may also need a urine test. 

The goal of the labs is to give the Northeast Medical, PC team insight into how well your body is functioning.

With regular annual exams, the team gathers a record of your personal data. This helps identify changes that indicate medical intervention may be necessary.

How can an annual exam help me?

Any advice that’s given during your exam is designed to help maximize your health. The quality recommendations made by the team can help you make meaningful changes to your lifestyle that reduce your risk of developing a chronic disease and boost your health and wellness.

If you’re due for an annual exam, contact Northeast Medical, PC today. Call to schedule or use the convenient online tool.